about bijoux ceramics

about bijoux ceramics


Julie Butler

founder + creator


Julie Butler is a Southern California native, working as a full-time ceramic artist in her light and bright community studio in Costa Mesa, CA. She is the founder and creator of Bijoux Ceramics.

Julie’s curiosity for art sparked at an early age, growing up in a family of creatives where artistic expression was alive and celebrated.​ ​She received a BFA in traditional drawing and painting from Laguna College of Art + Design in 2003. Post art school, she began to explore different mediums and techniques, eventually landing in ceramic art. From day one of throwing on the wheel, she was connected to the craft. It was instantly gratifying to fulfill a desire to expand beyond two-dimensional form. A background in drawing and painting blended with years of working with her hands as an esthetician, prepared a solid foundation to begin exploring ceramics. She dove in heart first.

creative process

Julie’s love for music, nature, culinary art, and travel, are constant sources of inspiration that deeply enhance the way she sees life through her lens. She gravitates towards a philosophy rooted in embracing imperfection and impermanence in art. At any stage in the creative process, things may unexpectedly evolve and take a different direction. It is an opportunity to spontaneously give life to a form by inventing new shapes. There is freedom in approaching your craft with a curious attitude of “lets see what happens.” Little accidents or disasters may lead to future ideas.

Ceramic art offers a world of endless possibilities for experimentation. The visceral and tactile quality of clay extends permission to play and get dirty. Transforming raw elements from the earth into functional, one-of-a-kind works of art, is one part science and two parts magic. Julie is dedicated to her daily studio practice and feels fortunate to be able to share her creations with the world. Every elaborate step involved in making Bijoux Ceramics is a labor of love. At the end of the day, her greatest joy is to see her artwork appreciated and enjoyed by holding your favorite cup of coffee, presenting a beautiful meal, or providing a home for your plant friends.